About us

Our company is a closet doors manufacturer and working in Florida since 2016.

Currently our main product is the modern style ventilated louvered doors, and we are local manufacturer of this doors. Our facility located in Naples, we have a pick-up locations in North Miami and in Naples.  

Our small team always looking for a most efficient way to get a customers satisfaction, but we are not a guys with a lot of free time, free cars to ride everywhere, free gas for this cars etc. We are manufacturer and focused on our product. Finally we get a doors really easy replace existing standard American louvers.

COVID-19 chain supply crisis killed a market of affordable custom made doors. Currently prices for all materials unreasonable high, laborers asking too much compensations and we are made a step out of this business. We are not selling affordable custom made closet doors anymore.  

Last two years confirms useless of showrooms. We are closed our showroom and now you our customers pays only for time spent to real buyers. Our salespersons fired. Our delivery driver and installer fired. Now you pay only for product and we are not wasting time for useless "in home consultations", "cell phone quotations".

All this contacts is our time and your money for nothing.

No useless rental payments, no parasites (yes, they don't think so). I mean no showroom staff - secretary, sales assistant etc.  Persons dreaming for someone who will visit your home "for free" - are you really believe its free? When you buy products from this seller you paying not for a product, you pay for all guys, called this seller and never bought product.

If you are ready to buy - come and get it. You or any handyman will easy install this doors. We made installation easy.

If you are ready to fit to our schedule, and come to the pickup location when we are here - its free. If you want to come in some specific time "fit to you" - we are available 24/7 but will charge you appointment fee.

We are not providing consultations at all, you may come and see this doors, if you like our product come and get it. If you cant find some important information about our doors on the website let us know and we will add it.

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