Closet doors for pantry
This frosted glass door model looks great in contemporary kitchens and helps hide any mess. Aluminum door hardware compliments the stainless steel appliances. Half-transparent panels add an organized feel to your pantry. Door available with sliding and bi-fold opening systems.
Sliding closet door for pantry
Opening width
Opening height
Frames color
This door designed for spacious built-in and walk-in pantries. No extra space needed to open doors and access your pantry. Sliding doors comes with double top and bottom tracks.

Lead time 10 - 14 days.
Bi-fold closet door for pantry
Opening width
Opening height
Frames color
This door designed for small pantry closets width up to 36". Bi-fold door provides full access to your pantry and doesn't take a lot of space for its opening.
Bi-fold system comes with top track, ball bearing wheels and bottom pin.

Lead time 10 - 14 days.
Here you will find information for the most common questions.
We ask for accurate closet opening measurements because all our doors manufactured to custom size. Measure your closet as it is shown on the picture and provide us numbers.
We take measurements for all orders that purchased with our installation service.
Frames Color
We have several types of frames for sliding doors. Check the picture for the difference.
To manufacture bi-fold doors we use c-shape aluminum frames only. However, all types of frames can be brushed to the required color per additional cost.
We use several types of glass to manufacture our closet doors. For pantry doors on this page, we use low iron clear glass with a white film on the back side.
Pick up:
You can pick up your order at no cost at our warehouse in Doral. Note that panels come as is and do not have additional package. Make sure panels fit in your car.
Florida delivery:
We can deliver your order to your house curb-side and inside the house for an additional cost.
Prior to the delivery, we will set up a day and 4 hours time frame for delivery.
Let us know ahead if your building required insurance for delivery.
Outside Florida delivery:
Orders over $2000 ship with our delivery track, shipping price depends on destination.
Orders less than $2000 ship with transport company. In average price for delivery a 3 panels door and its hardware is $250, but final shipping price depends on your zip code, door size and shipping dates.
Contact us for details.
We install our doors in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.
Price for installation:
Sliding doors, single bi-fold doors, pivot doors, AC doors - $100 per opening.
Double bi-fold doors, double pivot doors - $200 per opening.
Each door installation takes about an hour.

We also do installations around Florida, contact us for details.
Sliding system
We make closet doors with an advanced sliding system. The system includes ball bearing bottom wheels for panels, top rollers for panels, aluminum top, and bottom tracks. The bottom track can be installed with double-sided tape, without any drill.
Double tracks required 3 1/2" width of the opening.
Triple tracks required 5 1/2" width of the opening.
Bi-fold system
Our bi-fold doors come with top mounted system. The bi-fold system includes top mounted track, ball bearing rollers for sliding panel and top and bottom pins for pivot panel, 2 hinges to hold panels. The system doesn't have a bottom track, but it has a bottom pin, that required a drill for installation.
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