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Sliding closet doors for bedrooms

Modern sliding closet doors ideas.
When sliding closet doors makeover starts? At the minute you realize yourself on your knees trying to return on track your mirror door or at that minute when you really rush, but bifold door got stuck closed. Here is in my blog you will see couple makeovers of closet doors: before and after photos of wood sliding doors replacement on modern aluminum doors.
One of my favorite interior where we installed doors - apartment in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. Our client decided to replace old wood sliding doors into modern one and the main reason was that old doors did not work good and didn't smooth glide in tracks.
Sliding closet door replacement ideas
"Before" photos - classic bypass door for closet, suspended with top track, opening size 60 x 80". "After" photos - modern aluminum door with 2 flush glass bypass panels and with top and bottom tracks.
Second makeover - replacement of 3 panels sliding closet door. Our client complained that existing closet doors rubbing while opening and he couldn't use rod because there were not enought space from doors to hanger.
3 panels sliding closet door replacement
"Before" photos - plantation louvered sliding doors, closet opening 96 x 96".
"After" photos - 3 panels sliding door with 2 frosted "milky" glass panels and 1 mirror panel.

What about closet doors ideas for large opening? We have some examples for 120", 154" and wall wide openings such as on photos below with huge sliding panels.
Sometimes to make your closet doors slide smoothly the only option - is to get new doors.
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